Scientific Laboratory was founded in 1990. Researches were focused on the study of changes in the bone remodeling markers, indices of the protein, glycoprotein and mineral metabolisms, level of the osteogenic peptides, enzyme profile of organs and tissues, the intensity of the lipid peroxidation processes and of the antioxidant system status at the administration of the autochthonous biologically active compounds in the bone tissue and in the organs of the vital importance (kidneys, liver, spleen) in various pathological conditions (primary and secondary experimental osteoporosis, oxidative stress, experimental hepatopathy and nephropathy).

The obtained results allow the optimization of the biochemical diagnostic methods  in various diseases, the identification of the required laboratory parameters for the early diagnosis, more accurate and cheaper, the monitoring of the effectiveness of the treatment, the determination of therapeutic effects of the autochthonous remedies, obtained from the cheap local raw material.

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